How does Impact World work?

Frequently Asked Questions

Impact World, or IW, is more than an event, it’s an interdenominational movement! Most effort is spent before and after the proclamation events. There are three primary phases in the campaign:

A successful campaign is built on complete spiritual, as well as organizational preparation. Spiritual preparation involves mobilizing the city to focused prayer and calling the church to true biblical Christianity. Organizational preparation includes recruiting and training hundreds of workers.

Picture up to 100 missionaries and evangelists from around the world converging in your city, visiting schools and prisons. The evangelistic nights begin in large public venues with a powerful presentation of God’s truth and love. Hundreds stream to the front, responding to a relevant Gospel message.

Discipleship best describes this phase. Working with the local Body of Christ, each person is contacted by a counselor and invited to a small group in their neighborhood or school. Our aim is that each believer is nurtured and grounded in their faith and empowered to “live the life” in their community and the world.

What is the purpose of IW?
IW seeks to serve the people by:
a) bringing encouragement to individuals & families
b) strengthening unity in & amongst communities
c) bringing good entertainment with a message of hope & life

What has IW done around the world?
IW has had a profound impact on many nations all around the globe. IW has done events in India, Brazil, USA, Denmark, Canada, Holland, Scotland, and Scandinavia. Crime rates have gone down and communities have been changed for good. IW is bringing back a God consciousness that blesses a city and improves the general atmosphere.

Is IW religious?
IW staff are from a wide cross-section of international and local Christian communities – they do not adhere to any one set of Protestant or Catholic group traditions or beliefs. Rather, they are united by a simple faith, seeking to love God & others in speech & action & encourage others to do likewise.

How much does it cost to attend the IW events?
There is no charge for entry to IW events. Where possible, the local IW budget is raised & met beforehand.

How is income generated & how are budget expenses raised for the IW Campaigns?
Sponsorship & donations from the business community, community grants & individuals cover much of the national budget for advertising & other expenses. Within each city, where IW Campaigns are held, funds are raised for the local budget from individuals, businesses & local churches.

Do staff receive a salary from IW Income included in the budgets?
All full-time staff are volunteer workers, funding their own international travel and living expenses.

How do staff live if they don’t receive salaries/wages?
All staff raise their own financial support through the generosity of friends, families & local churches. No-one receives a salary & all finances given are put 100% towards IW general operation expenses or designated areas at the request of the donor.

Is this internationally underwritten financially?
IW is not financed through international sources. IW financed by the community for the community.

How can I support the vision of IW financially?
Donations towards IW expenses are much appreciated & welcome. We would love you to partner with us by investing in IW operations to help reach people with a life-giving & community transforming message.