Fire and Fragrance DTS Outreach Location: Youth Ministry in Public Schools

Fire and Fragrance DTS Outreach Location: Youth Ministry in Public Schools

We started value formation programmes teaching Biblical principles, values of integrity, godly relationships, learning how to use one’s mouth to speak life and not death, what it means to follow Jesus, and our identity in Christ. It is important to teach the coming generation what it means to be leaders that can actually impact society and not disintegrate and destroy it.

We considered the teaching on identity to be important because a lot of people these days are from broken homes with no parents and nobody to guide them through life and so they pick their sense of identity from televisions, radios, videos, and gangs. Unfortunately, most of what they get is the wrong ideas that teach people to objectify women and men to be chauvinistic, alcoholic, use drugs, and engage in other social vices.

The result we had was About 5,300 people were able to join this programme as a result of the fact that it was in their schools.

For us, this was a huge win. As a result of the fact that we were able to partner with school leaders, we were able to see transformations in so many people.

Teachers would hand over the class to our YWAM Missionaries because they knew what we were doing worked. One principal, had hired and worked with many organizations and secular counselors and could not find a remedy for the depression and anxiety for his students in his top performing school. In the beginning, he wasn’t open to our Biblical Principles, but towards the end of the semester he said, “I don’t know what you are doing, but I’ve never seen my students talk this much about how good a program was. We can already see difference in how they carry themselves.”


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  1. Marlyn Concepcion says:

    I would like to join continue the outreach campus ministry since the ministry I’m doing need the help of your ministry here in Imus Cavite. I single mom and doing ministry out of my passion and love to youth ministry and kids who are rape and abuse victim as volunteer teaching English.

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