What Does The Bible Say About Finding Purpose? – YWAM DTS Teaching

What Does The Bible Say About Finding Purpose? – YWAM DTS Teaching

“And you shall remember that the LORD your God led you all the way these forty years in the wilderness, to humble you and test you, to know what was in your heart, whether you would keep His commandments or not.” (Deuteronomy 8:2)

A great misconception is what a wilderness season is and what its purpose is. An example of a wilderness season in the Bible is when the Israelites were set free from being the Pharoah’s slaves. From there, they were taken to a place where they were tested on their integrity in following God and their reliance on Him versus their own power. The most common confusion is the length of time in the wilderness.

The wilderness journey for the Israelites was supposed to take forty days. Instead, it took forty years. The length of time wasn’t arbitrary. It was based on their heart response. God isn’t so concerned about the amount of time versus the faith and humility in our responses.

Chronos vs. Kairos Time

There are two types of time from a biblical perspective. First is Chronos, and the second is Kairos. Chronos is based on on-going time like a basketball game. The timer starts, and the timer ends. Kairos is based on our response and the sequence of events that follows that response. Baseball is an example of Kairos. The game progresses event by event. Response after response. The time being played in the wilderness was Kairos – not Chronos.

The wilderness season was not based on a random time frame. Our length of time in the wilderness is based on our heart responses towards God. The thousands of Israelites that were freed from Egypt never responded correctly in their entire life. So they never left the wilderness.

Meaning, if we were to respond to how God wants us to, in total humility and reverence to Him, we would move to the Promised Land and out of the wilderness.

The Right Response

The right response isn’t blindly following God in the wilderness. In the wilderness, God gave his people specific commands and promises to adhere to, and by abiding in them, they could pass to the Promised Land.

As Deuteronomy 8:2 states, the main reason for the wilderness is to truly test what is in our hearts. God wants to see if we will remain faithful to him no matter what; if we choose praise above complaining.

In this season, God will test our motivations. Uncover areas of doubt and true faith. Increase true spiritual strength and prune operating in our own flesh. But what’s important to remember is that this season is meant to give us the proper foundation for His promise to us.

Preparation for His Promise

Jesus is the Alpha and Omega. He begins with the end in mind. He knows what is going to happen. Everything he does has a purpose. The Lord ultimately tested the Israelites in the wilderness to prepare for their greatest good. He wanted to bring them to a place of abundance in the Lord. But he wanted to bring them there with the right heart and motivations.

God’s dream for us will always be the most fulfilling path.

Yet, to walk in God’s path, we must also walk His way. However, God always knows what is best for us. Everything else falls short of our Father’s perfect will.

Major Take Away Points

  1. God is testing our heart and our response towards Him in the wilderness.
  1. God desires wholehearted worship and surrender in joy towards Him as our Father and our Lord.
  2. God desires to bring us into the eternal Promised Land he has in store for all of his believers.


Study Deuteronomy 8

  1. What else is God saying he was doing with his people in the wilderness?
  2. What response does God desire from his people?
  3. Why does God desire that response?
  4. What response does God want from me in this season?

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