About YWAM Philippines Impact

YWAM Philippines Impact is located in Cavite, Philippines. Our campus is 29 acres, with a vibrant spiritual landscape and plenty of continuous activities to discover God in.

We value

Our team loves spending time with the Lord in prayer and worship. From that place of knowing Jesus, we can make an impact to those around us.

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I grew up in an orphanage here in the Philippines because I lost both my parents. My Dad passed away due to heart attack when I was 9 due to heart attack, my mom was murdered when I was 11 years old. I was also physically abused by my own relatives. The hard things that I experienced, led me to lose sight of my real identity. I started getting attracted to girls and getting mad at people around me.
But joining DTS, I didn’t expect that my life would change. I started to look at myself with the Father’s eyes. I met and experienced the love of God. I discovered the gifts he has given me and I now know that I am his daughter.

Angelyn Morales

I was once a drug addict and the vice-chairman of the LGBTQIA+, but the Lord used YWAM DTS to help me understand my real identity. DTS had a big impact in my life, it changed my perspective in who the Lord has called me to be. Through this training I’ve been given an opportunity to encounter more of God and pushed me to know his will over my life, and to expand the kingdom of God here on earth.

Raymond Pipin

For me, DTS is the best thing ever to happen in my life. It led me to the right perspective and to the divine purpose of God. Not only earning knowledge about my calling. But gave me the fire to dive into the deep relationship with Jesus.
DTS changed me, changed my future!

James Tumambing