See How God Is Working In The Philippines With A Team Of Your Own!

An invitation from our team to yours

Our goal is to link outreach teams with local ministries as a part of establishing God’s Kingdom. This partnership nourishes local communities so that they may flourish to the best of their ability, achieve their own long-term goals and ensure that their ministries are sustainable

Our Vision

We are committed to preaching the good news of Jesus Christ and creating a platform for the nations to serve the people of the Philippines. Our aim is to create ministry opportunities for YWAM Outreach Teams and other Christian organizations to serve and strengthen the local body of Christ and in turn have these teams gain a wider perspective and insight into how God is actively working throughout the globe.

Hosting Teams

Your team will be connected with a person of peace who will be your personal guide in ministry. Their job is to provide connections to ministry, inside information about the location and people, assist you with housing and food accommodation, provide translation, and bring encouragement and friendship to your team. They will act as a resource which greatly facilitates your time out here. 

Who do we host?

YWAM Outreach Teams
Church Outreach Teams
Neighboring NGO/NPO Organizations
Medical Ministry Teams


A prison environment is a dark place, where prisoners face violence, anger, gangs and loneliness daily. volunteers step into this darkness and through meals, talks, discussions and worship, prisoners learn that they are worthy of God’s love, light and grace. That no matter who they are or what they have done, God forgives them. When a former negative or gang leader accepts Christ, it can influence the very atmosphere of a prison for the better. As the Christian community inside a prison grows and begins to gain influence, the incidence of violence often decreases.

The Philippines is a laidback and friendly country where people have time to stop and talk. The Philippines is categorized as a generally warm culture where people love to share and they value relationships. They are open to meet new people and hear what they have to say. Whether it is on public transport, through an open-air event or being welcomed into someone’s home, people are constantly looking for hope and encouragement. This makes evangelism an exciting new prospect. so if you come with hearts open and ready to listen, you too will hear new stories, learn about individuals’ experiences and even get to taste different, exciting foods!

We are ready to respond at a moment’s notice whenever and wherever disaster strikes. We specialize in meeting critical needs for victims of conflict, disaster, famine, and epidemics throughout the world, often working through ministry partners on the ground. We provide food, water, shelter, medicine, and other assistance in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Using the game of basketball to reach athletes of the Philippines with the gospel. We will use the following methods and work in various ministries: Run basketball camps, Physical fitness training, Designated practice times, Preparing for international games, Local inner-city open gyms.

Come and do your outreach with us!