Tag: Impact Stories

YWAM Kona DTS Outreach Location: Evangelism to Discipleship

In one of the largest public schools in Metro Manila, our team began talking with a principle about the problems of her school. We learned that there were many broken families, suicidal kids, mothers in prostitution, common abusive situations at home, and more. We shared with the principle our YWAM Character and Value Formation Program.

Fire and Fragrance DTS Outreach Location: Youth Ministry in Public Schools

Teachers would hand over the class to our YWAM Missionaries because they knew what we were doing worked. One principal, had hired and worked with many organizations and secular counselors and could not find a remedy for the depression and anxiety for his students in his top performing school.

YWAM Perth DTS Outreach Location: Compassion and Justice In Child Prostitution Ring

Some international anti-trafficking agents made a virtual 10-year-old Filipina girl that was deployed in some Internet chat rooms to lure pedophiles. Over ten weeks, twenty thousand people from seventy-one countries approached the fake girl asking for sexual performances!